Government Pushing Premier League to Act on Everton’s Proposed Sale to 777 Partners

Premier League

Today’s newspapers are full of interesting stories and transfer rumours. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights!

The newspapers from Wednesday have the latest news and transfer gossip.


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Government figures of high rank are putting the Premier League under scrutiny due to the proposed transaction of Everton to the American company 777 Partners.

This week, the financial woes of Barcelona have taken a fresh turn. President Joan Laporta is now responsible for a €20m (£17.2m) guarantee due to an investor’s inability to render the needed funds to conclude a financial arrangement essential for the team to get their licence to play in LaLiga this term.

Vladimir Putin has vociferously criticized the heads of the International Olympic Committee and other sports organizations for the sanctions put on Russian athletes in response to his incursion into Ukraine.

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Jadon Sancho, a Manchester United winger, has erased his statement that accused him of being used as a scapegoat by the club.

Heung-Min Son, a Tottenham footballer, was seen with a significant ice pack wrapped around his knee.

Jadon Sancho questionIn ‘The Question’, Ron Walker and Peter Smith are discussing if Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho will be able to reclaim his position as a regular starter for the team.

John Terry has confessed to engaging in conversations about becoming a part of Al Shabab.

Gary O’Driscoll will be taking up the position of Manchester United’s head of medical services on Monday, having departed from Arsenal.

Burnley and Crystal Palace of the Premier League are monitoring the progress of Colchester’s young talent, Bradley Ihionvien.

Moyes has offered Lingard the chance to prove his fitness and receive a contract from West Ham.


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UEFA has established a new kind of seating for Euro 2024, with the ‘prime’ tickets being sold for €2,000 (£1,720) for the championship game in Berlin – double the cost of the priciest tickets for Euro 2020’s conclusion in Wembley.


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It is not known if the Spanish women’s soccer team will continue with their strike, as their next match is slated for the 22nd of September. Olga Carmona has not yet made this determination.

Cole Palmer’s resolution to depart Manchester City was prompted by the guarantee of increased opportunities at Chelsea.

An image of Cole Palmer playing against Wycombe in 2021 is depicted in the photo Cole Palmer vs Wycombe 2021.

This weekend, the two VARs who were unable to reject Manchester City’s goal against Fulham due to offside will not be officiating at Stockley Park.

Fenerbahce is taking an interest in Everton’s Andre Gomes, the midfielder.

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Ahead of the Turkish transfer window deadline on Friday, Nottingham Forest are planning to loan out forward Emmanuel Dennis to either Adana Demirspor or Istanbul Basaksehir.


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The Football Association will oppose any moves by the Republic of Ireland to name Lee Carsley, the England U21 manager, if Stephen Kenny is dismissed as their head coach.

The MIRROR on a Daily Basis

William Saliba has commented on the lunchtime rule that Mikel Arteta introduced to Arsenal in order to foster a closer bond between the players, noting that it has been highly successful.

Lionel Messi has ended his search for a home in Miami by signing a deal for a luxurious waterfront mansion that cost him a nine-digit sum.

The Inter Miami lineup includes Lionel Messi (10) at forward and Robert Taylor in midfield illustrated in the picture below.

Inter Miami forward Lionel Messi (10) and midfielder Robert Taylor

In the coming weeks, it is believed that Manchester United have made extending the contract of their young prospect, Facundo Pellistri, a priority.


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Luis Rubiales declined to apologise directly to Jenni Hermoso for kissing her on the lips following the Women’s World Cup championship and expressed that he would have acted identically towards the Spain men’s squad “100 per cent”.


It is thought that Trevoh Chalobah could be ostracised from Chelsea given that he is seen as unnecessary.

Ange Postecoglou noted that Yves Bissouma’s attitude as a Tottenham player changed for the better after he pointed out to him that tardiness for practice was not a demonstration of being a good leader.


Alfredo Morelos reveals that his last year with Rangers was hampered by a “complex injury”.

In Saudi Arabia, criticism was directed at Nuno Espirito Santo for being a major contributor to Jota joining Al Ittihad.

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